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Bhutan Best Travel is a registered travel agency in Bhutan and Singapore. The agency was founded by Nidup Dorji and Jaclyn Zhang and is officially certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and Singapore.

Nidup is a tour guide with over 10 years of experience. We ensure that your hard-earned money will be well worth your holidays. Bhutan Best Travel is a trusted travel agency that offers quality guides, reputable hotels, reliables vehicles, and an exceptional level of expertise.

Our tours are suitable for both individual and group travellers. We strive to achieve the perfect balance between seeing as much as possible at a realistic pace for maximum enjoyment. Bhutan Best Travel prides itself in offering excellent, speedy and premium services to provide you with an enjoyable and rewarding journey.



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Home Tuition (Nazra & Hifz-e- Quran

Home Tuition (Nazra & Hifz-e- Quran

We provid home tuition Nazra & Hifz-e-Quran. We have best Qari Hazrat with Tajweed.

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Celebrate your wedding or private event in the best place in Miami and Doral

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You decided to take the big step and your wedding or event is coming. We want to be your best allies and help you plan and organize your celebration. We have several years of experience and the best place in the city.


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∙ Kitchen and Bar: Pride of the house       
∙ Spacious and comfortable bathrooms      
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Free Meditation Guide for Beginners to Learn to Meditate

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PH No: India: +91 96295 5544, International: +1 (845) 834-4334          
Website: http://www.astrobhava.com/nadi-astrology

Nadi is a Tamil word, which basically means ‘in search of’, where individuals go in search of their destiny. This ancient type of astrology was originally practiced by Siddha Saints and they had the yogic power to look into the past, present and future of the person who lived, living or to be lived in this universe. At AstroBhava, we serve to seek Agasthiya Maha Thuliya Nadi. This service can be taken online according to convenience.

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